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Expertly deployed flow monitorinG
using state of the art technology

Custom-Tailored Monitoring Equipment

AMG Environmental is a strong believer that every monitoring location requires a specific monitoring application. We choose the right equipment based on site conditions. Our staff are familiar with the latest flow monitoring equipment available on the market today. In past and current projects we have deployed the following equipment based on our clients experience and our recommendation:

  • We utilize the BlueSIREN line of Intrinsically Safe Monitors
  • Detectronic, ATEX MSFM
  • HACH Sigma 910
  • ADS Triton+
  • Teledyne ISCO

AMG Environmental has a large rental inventory of flow monitoring equipment ready and waiting to deliver accurate data for your next project!

AMG Environmental will work with any piece of equipment when requested however we do prefer the following specifications when it comes to a flow monitor that will be placed in a harsh environment and continue to provide accurate data.

  • Wireless Data
  • Fully Encapsulated
  • Water Tight
  • Flexibility to Add
    Multiple Sensors
  • Fully Battery
  • Low Power